Photograph a rare lunar eclipse

A rare and beautiful supermoon eclipse is coming the night of Sunday, Sept. 27.  Exciting! I love chances to see beauty in the skies.

It’s fun to photograph it no matter how you go about it, but here are tips for the best photos. 

Weather permitting, the eclipse will occur in South Carolina from Sunday Sept. 27 at 9:07 pm until Monday, Sept. 28 at 1:22 am. The maximum coverage is Sunday at 10:47 pm. 

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Free Admission Days Offered at the CMA

September 22 – October 3

The Columbia Museum of Art offers free admission from September 22 through October 3. Visitors can explore the second-floor collection galleries, including the newly reinstalled Botticelli fresco, The Nativity. Enjoy the new multimedia TAP tour of the Kress Collection to get even more out of the experience – it’s also free.

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