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An evening with three contemporary filmmakers presenting short films about minority communities in the South.

Provost’s Forum “Finding Common Ground”
Theme “Celebrate Our Stories”
April 2, 5:00 – 7 pm
Location: Russell House Theater
1400 Greene St. Columbia, SC 29208
Free Admission

Three short films about communities in the Carolinas. Meet the filmmakers and the characters in their films, as they talk about the need for a variety of voices in film.
+ The Gullah Project, 7 minute short documentary  
Director Denise McGill, Associate Professor of Visual Communications
Producer, Sherard Duvall, founder of OTR Media

Dining Room music video by Southern Asian rapper G Yamazawa
Film Producer Saleem Reshamwala, founder KidEthnic Media, based in Durham, NC

When Porgy Came Home, documentary about Porgy and Bess opera
Film Director/producer Lauren Waring Douglas, Based in Columbia, SC




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Using a little strobe to fill in dark places

I’m proud of my students’ progress on their photo stories at this point in the semester. Some of them are striving to conquer fill flash and bounce flash.

Rick Berk wrote a great article about it for Digital Photography School. Thanks, Rick!

Dragging The Shutter: Balancing Fill Flash With Ambient Light


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