South Carolina News Photographers Association

South Carolina News Photographers Association (SCNPA) holds an annual contest to honor the best photos taken in the state.

The contest is a reason for photographers to get together, get feedback on their work, and hopefully earn bragging rights and free drinks from their colleagues. There are also good prizes like camera bags.

The deadline for entries is in February each year, with the judging in late February or early March. Students are encouraged to enter!

Only SCNPA members can enter the contest. Membership is $35 for professionals, $15 for students. SCNPA application

Contest guidelines are similar each year. SCNPOY 2016 Guidelines

Enter the contest, then attend to learn what judges say about your images. This is a great day to meet professionals from across the state and see inspiring photos. Any student who wants to be a photographer should DEFINITELY attend.

The seminar is free. It will consist of a few dozen photographers sitting in a dark room watching the judges critique their images. There are lots of breaks so you can meet the people in the room and talk about what you just saw. Lunch will be provided for attendees, and there are door prizes along the way. At the end of the day prizes are awarded to the winners, and then everyone goes out to eat and celebrate. It’s a friendly group of people who are passionate about telling stories with photos.

Check the website to contact the president for updated deadlines and contest dates.