“One Performer, Two Stages” by Cole Lowery

A look into the daily and night life of Jeremy Miller, also known as the drag queen Misty Daze.



Jeremy Miller, AKA Misty Daze, prepares for his performance in Capital Club’s Friday night drag show. Miller, 27, spends hours perfecting makeup and designing costumes to help create his drag persona.


Miller’s performances consist of several lip-synced musical numbers accompanied by ydance routines he choreographs. His shows generally consist of around 3 numbers and costume changes.


Miller says “when I’m on stage I feel free. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” He has been performing in drag shows for roughly 6 years.


Patrons often times give tips to the performers. Though sometimes audience members can become a tad too touchy. When in drag the performers say it’s common to be overly sexualized and have personal boundaries violated. Miller says he had to learn how to enforce these boundaries whithout missing a beat in his performances.


Alongside his drag gigs, Miller also works full time as a gas station attendent at a local Exxon. His days typically off with openeing the station at 5 in the morning; sometimes after not getting home from a drag show until a few hours before at 1.


Miller describes the constant moving lifestyle can be draining, and that drag itself can be a hassle at times, but that in the end it’s what he loves.

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Even though his drag and every day work are two different worlds, Miller says that they sometimes overlap. It isn’t uncommon for fans or friends to come in recognizing him and calling him by his stage name, Misty.


MIller has worked at the gas station for a year. Before, he has worked full time as a performer. Health problems required him to slow down, and take a whole year break in 2016. He now performs weekly and says he doesn’t know how long he will keep performing, but that he doesn’t see himself leaving it behind because “It’s become a big part of who I am,” he states.