“Softball Family at Allen University” by Taylor Carroll

On a sunny afternoon on Saturday, March 23, 2019, the Allen University softball team played a doubleheader against Bryan College. Allen University is a historically black school and their home field resides in Martin Luther King Park. The Allen University Yellow Jackets consist of twelve players while the opposing team had almost double their numbers. The Yellow Jackets put up a good fight during the first game, leading the score board for most of the game until running out of steam towards the final innings. The first game ended with Bryan College climbing to the top of the scoreboard, 8-5. The second game picked up quickly after the first, however, it became evident that Allen University had become very tired and this was reflected in the final score with Bryan College winning 7-0. Despite losing two games in a row, the Allen University softball team’s spirt never wavered. The girls’ energy was ecstatic as they cheered their teammates on from the dugout and danced to music, it was evident that the team was extremely close.


Allen University softball player Wanjiliza Isis Morris wraps an injury while getting ready for the game against Bryan College. With no field of their own, the team competes at the city park about a mile from campus.


An Allen University softball player laces her cleats in the dugout before the game. The lady Yellow Jackets only have 12 members and they’ve lost most of their games, but those on the team are dedicated and have close relationships.


The pre-game huddle is lead by coach Tatjana Matthews.


The Allen University softball team, consisting of twelve players in total, takes the field at the Martin Luther King Jr. park on a sunny afternoon. Neighborhood residents often come out to watch.

Number 26, Mercedes Dickerson, makes contact with the ball while up at bat.

Mercedes Dickerson, 26, makes contact with the ball at bat.

Number 23, Kayla Sutton, takes second base.

Kayla Sutton, 23, takes second base.

Lakeira Rushing intently watches her teammates up at bat from the dugout.

Lakeira Rushing intently watches her teammates from the dugout.


Two Allen University softball players hold hands waling in to the dugout after the game in a display of camaraderie.


Kayla Sutton smiles after the competition, despite losing both games of a doubleheader to Bryan College, 8-5 and 7-0.


The softball teams of Allen University and Bryan College hold hands in a prayer circle at the end of a doubleheader. Both teams display good sportsmanship as they wish each other a good season. After the huddle breaks, Allen’s Coach Matthews invites the opposing team to Allen University locker rooms after learning the showers at the field are broken.