“Palmetto Seafood is an anchor in Waverly community” by Melaney Mottsey

Palmetto Seafood Company is a popular community hub in the Waverly neighborhood area of Columbia, SC. The fresh seafood store at 2200 Gervais St can be easily be seen with its blue exterior. The store offers a variety of to-go dinners of fried fish, French fries and hush puppies along with a showcase of fresh fish packed in ice.

Addie J. Moultrie, has owned the store since 1997 and gets help from a several employees including her oldest son, Lucius. Addie Moultrie helps out with customers when the shop gets busy usually during lunch and the dinner hours.

Employees all have important tasks as customers pour in. Alice Walker works the front counter with customers. Anthony Harrison, 22, works in the fish showcase, cooks and does prep work. Vicky Baskett, who has been working at the shop for 11 years serves as a supervisor, is responsible for prepping and frying many of the seafood takeout dinners. As she works filling the many to-go orders, Baskett jokes with other employees to keep smiles and laugher going on inside the store. Frank McDaniel, back team leader, is responsible for cutting fish according to customer requests and getting market orders together.

With customers always coming in, Palmetto Seafood rarely has a quiet moment. Employees are constantly helping customers, preparing fish for the showcase or taking a seafood to-go order. The selection of fish and seafood range from frog legs to striped bass and throughout the day not just one type of fish is bought. The shop is busy from the time the store opens to closing at dusk. Takeout orders continue to pour in, and fresh fish packed in giant ice coolers.

Alice Walker, a front counter worker at Palmetto Seafood Company, greets a customer as he places his order for lunch.

A sea bass gets weighed on a scale for a customer before getting cut for purchase. Throughout the day, sales are high in both the to-go dinners and fresh fish.

Frank McDaniel cuts an order of sea bass for a customer. McDaniel works in the back of the market where fish are filetted to order.

A customer waits patiently in the seating area in front of the store as his to-go dinner is being fried and prepared. Palmetto Seafood Company is a popular place on the weekends and rarely gets a quiet moment like this.

Instead of electric freezers, fresh fish is put on ice in the coolers for show. There is a giant ice maker in the processing area. Customers can then pick their selection for purchase from the showcase.

Anthony Harrison, 22, peels shrimp to prepare for a busy day of purchases. With a window to the front market, Harrison is able to see activity and hear orders.

Frank McDaniel shows a prepared order to a customer over the showcase. Customers are able to call in orders and dinners ahead of time.

Addie Moultrie, owner of Palmetto Seafood Company, takes one last order over the phone shortly before she closes up for the day. She has owned the only fresh fish store in the Waverly neighborhood since 1997.

As closing time gets near, remaining to-go dinners are prepared and wait for customer payment.

Frank McDaniel closes down for the day by shoveling ice and cleaning the coolers. 

Owner Addie J. Moultrie finishes closing by placing a cover on the cleaned coolers. Sunset fills the market through the large front and side windows.