“Hair salon protects the planet” by Brayln Kelly

Kaliko Salon was the first “green salon” in the state of South Carolina opening in 2016. Today, its business in Columbia is still strong. Kelly Odom, owner and stylist, says “this place is like home to my girls,” speaking of the other three stylists who share the salon. These stylists are like family which creates a vibe for the also-friendly clients.

This salon doesn’t just do good for their clients, but also for the environment. Kaliko Salon has virtually no waste because they recycle basically everything they use — cut hair, foils, dye, plastic, bottles, cardboard and a lot of other supplies. The Green Solution corporation takes all these recycled materials weekly and does repurposes them. “Hair is one of the best absorbents of oil spills within the ocean and the hair dye is actually turned into new hair dye so the chemicals do not harm our water lines,” Odom says. This salon has a mission to make people happy while keeping the earth clean and just as happy.

Kelly Odom, owner + stylist of South Carolina’s first green salon Kaliko, spends a normal day at the salon. Stylists cut, color and treat all types of hair with slim to no trash at all. All supplies including the cut hair is recycled.