“Constan Car Wash” by Elliott Hudson

Constan Car Wash founded by O. Stanley Smith Jr., has been around since 1949. The car wash is a respectable and friendly business that always stays busy with trusted employees who take care of their customers with professionalism. Customers keep coming back because of the care they know their cars get.

It is just not windows being cleaned but also the inside of the car. Detailers at Constan Car Wash take the mats out of the cars, dust them off and scrub them with soap and water. That happens only after the cars are hand cleaned by the likes of David Blanding who, among other things, cleans the hoods of cars before he drives them up front. Once there, the other detailers swam the car and start cleaning the interior and exterior of the car including Frank Tucker who cleans each rim and wheel of the car.

Every employee of Constan Car Wash takes the job seriously. Each person contributes in some way to cleaning the car. David Blanding makes sure to do a complete check of the car to see if it is fully clean and ready for the customer. This commitment to the job shows how an employee thinks about his work. He wants the customers to understand that their cars are in good hands and that they are being taken care of by responsible employees. It is, in fact, a time-crunched job that needs to have a functioning team to work each person plays their part and after a while, you notice that it becomes a pattern.


In 1949 Constan Car Wash became the first automated car wash in South Carolina. It was founded by O. Stanley Smith Jr. and his wife Constance “Connie” Edwards who combineed both their names to create the “Constan” in Constan Car Wash.












A Constan car wash employee dries off the hood of this red Lincoln.



Frank Tucker, 37, is one of several car detailers. Tucker cleans the inside windshield making sure there are no streaks visible for the car owner when they step back in to drive away.



Roxienne Mitchell, 68, assistant manager at Constan Car Wash, cleans the windows. Each employee is responsible for one step in the process.

A car mat is rinsed and scrubbed to get it as clean as possible before it is dried off and put back in the car.

David Blanding, 61, is one a several car detailers and works at wiping down the front bumper as this Toyota comes out of the car wash.

Frank Tucker makes tires and wheels look brand new.

Derrick Davis, 31, is a supervisor at Constan Car Wash. He has many job duties including interior work like cleaning the inside of the windshields.

The owner of the Mini Cooper watches as David Blanding finishes up cleaning the back window.