J499 Long Form Photo Story 2019

Workshop: March 22 – 24, 2019, photojournalism students descended on the Waverly neighborhood in Columbia, to spend 48 hours documenting the community. They were led by professional photographers Eric Seals and Renée McManus. They were stretched to their limit, but ultimately each student grew immensely and produced a strong story.

“Allen University Softball” by Taylor Carroll

“Constan Car Wash” by Elliott Hudson

“Hair salon protects the planet” by Brayln Kelly

“Palmetto Seafood is an anchor in Waverly community” by Melaney Mottsey

“Tattoo Artist creates a sense of calm” by Beata Juodvalkyte

“Black Box Barber Shop” by Dalton Tumblin

Semester Stories: Students also worked the rest of the semester researching and photographing a single photojournalism essay, and then laid out the best images in a one-page design.

“The State of Sustainability” by Taylor Carroll
Download Taylor’s project for a better look. photostory_layout.jpg

“Saved by Education” by Beata Juodvalkyte
Download Beata’s project for a better look. 
LAYOUT_juod 2.jpg


“No Sidelines for These Cheerleaders” by Brayln Kelly
Download Brayln’s project for a better look.brayln_layout.jpg


“Creative on her own Terms” by Melaney Mottsey
Download Melaney’s project for a better look. mottsey_v2_FINAL.jpg


“Fishing for Profits” by Dalton Tumblin
Download Dalton’s story for a better look.