Photographing SC Baseball

Reach out to the media coordinator to request a pass, at least 3 business days before the game or tournament. For a weekend event, request a pass by the previous Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.  There are a limited number of passes for each game, so plan ahead and request ahead of time.

If you get a pass, you are COMMITTED to covering that game. If it’s delayed or rained out, your pass applies to the game whenever it takes place.

Arrive at the stadium 90 mins. prior to start of the game. Pick up your pass at the Media Will Call Gate. Be sure to bring a photo ID. 

At the game, make contact with the Media Relations contact for any questions on site. Be sure to get a roster for both teams. They can give you a tour and hand out meal vouchers. Yes, they feed the media at games, because you are supposed to be there working.

You can set up your computer and store your things  in the  media work room. This is a good way to meet other photographers and professionals, but remember they are all working on deadline.

There are three official photo-specific places to stand. Two are next to the dugouts in a box marked out by red bars, and there is also a photo box above the seats by the walkway near concessions (first base side). You are also allowed behind home plate, again as long as you can find a spot where you are not in the way. Unofficially, you can pretty much shoot from anywhere around stadium as long as you’re not in the way of fans.

Remember that you are representing the J-school at this event. You are there to work. Dress in a professional manner: no skimpy clothes, wear close-toed shoes and dress for the weather. Do not wear Gamecocks logos or cheer for the home team. You’re supposed to be a journalist. 

Take the longest lens you can get your hands on — 300 mm or 400 mm with monopod– as well as a 70 – 200 mm. Don’t forget to have fun!

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