Photographing Gamecocks sports

You will need a media pass to photograph NCAA events at the University of South Carolina. Start by checking with your instructor.

For football and basketball passes, work with your instructor. Vis Com sequence secures a limited number of passes for each season, and the instructors work to distribute them fairly. DO NOT contact Media Relations about these sports on your own.) 

Otherwise, you need to request a sideline pass for the event at least 3 business days in advance. (For a weekend event, request a pass by the previous Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.) There are lots of home games/meets for softball, equestrian, and other sports. Contact the person at Media Relations who is in charge of your sport. Copy your professor on the email. Tell them you are photographing for the Journalism School, and ask for a media pass to the specific game you want (sport, date, time, opponent.) You only have a pass when they respond to you in the affirmative.
Link to athletic calendar
Find your contact at Media Relations
For other colleges and high schools, you can look online to find the name of the sports director and request a sideline pass.  I discourage students from shooting indoor or night games when you’re starting out. It  adds an extra level of difficulty. This rules out volleyball and indoor track, and Friday night football. Also, your employers won’t be very impressed with children’s sports or practice scrimmages; that’s why I discourage them in your portfolio. 

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