PT Job:Videographer/Photographer for DNR

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is looking for someone to work with the Video Production section. We need someone with the skills and energy to serve as an additional videographer and photographer for our two-person team. Video and photo assignments will include but are not limited to: PSAs, marketing projects, education projects, documentary footage, DNR events and wildlife video assignments. There will be a need to occasionally work early mornings, late nights and weekends as class schedules allow. Limited overnight travel may be required, again, as schedules allow. An ability to carry up to 30 pounds of equipment and navigate uneven terrain on foot and in a truck is a must. A willingness to do assignments on DNR boats and aircraft is preferred. DNR photo and video equipment will be assigned to the incumbent, as well as a DNR vehicle for use on assignment only. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE APPLICANT BE WILLING TO WORK SOLO IN REMOTE AREAS IF NEEDED. 

Skills that are preferred but not required include hunting and/or fishing and outdoor experience, familiarity with Sony field cameras, Nikon DSLRs, and Avid and/or Adobe edit systems (for days when help in our office is needed.)

There will always be someone available to answer questions and explain assignments. This is very much a team-oriented environment, and we will get the successful applicant “up-to-speed” for the work. But as with any position, we are looking for someone who already has skills and is ready to work as soon as possible.

This hourly position pays $10 per hour, and up to 30 hours per week would be available. The person hired is welcome to use any photos or video productions as part of their portfolio. 

Glenn Gardner
Video Production Manager
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202
(803) 609-6940 Cell


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