Writing good captions

ALL images need some sort of basic caption, a full sentence that clearly explains who, what, when and where about the event. It’s OK if all images have the same BASIC caption. It’s a good idea (but not necessary for your grade in this class) to add ID’s to all your photos for future reference. You may want to keep your notes or rosters in one place in case they are needed someday.

    All captions must be complete sentences. They must identify everyone who is recognizable in the photo. Try to anticipate what information the reader or editor will need when they are looking at the image. All captions, especially for publication, should follow a simple formula.

     The first sentence of the caption describes what the photo shows, in the present tense.  The second sentence gives background on the news event or describes why the photo is significant. All captions must be complete sentences.

Download PDF with sample captions and photos for various assignments.

Here are a couple links with more tips.
SHARP POINTS: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Hot Tips for Writing Photo Captions | Poynter

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