Nominate a professor for an award

We all know you pick favorites. Take time to honor a professor who has made a difference in your life. Nominate him or her for one of Carolina’s awards that recognize their hard work.

Several nominations are due in February, so now is the time to act.

Mungo Teaching Awards Nominations are due each year in December. The biggest consideration goes to teachers who are nominated by their students, so show your love. If chosen, your teacher wins $5000 at a fancy ceremony.

Mungo Distinguished Professor Award Nominations are due each year in February. This is the highest award on campus, and it goes to a tenured professor who teaches undergraduate students. The Distinguished Professor wins adoration and a whopping $20,000, which is surely enough to throw a big party for his or her students.

Carolina Trustee Professorship Nominations are due each year in February. The award is given to tenured professors, based on a combination of their outstanding teaching, scholarship and service. Three professors win this award and $2,000 each year.

Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Advisor Award Nominations are due each year in December. One faculty member and one staff member are honored each year. Nominate someone who has helped you navigate the university system’s requirements and procedures, so you can go on to a great post-college career.

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