Class Field Trip yields photos and prizes

Last week we changed it up in class. J337, Photovisual Communications, took a field trip. We started at the Horseshoe in the center of campus. Students had 75 minutes, the entire class time, to take photos, edit and turn them in. It was a gorgeous spring day, and we were all happy to get out of the Coliseum classroom.


J337 photo class spring 2014

Students had several themes they could photograph. I was really impressed with students’ images taken in such a short time.

Yesterday local photographer Jeff Blake came to class to critique their images. He gave away prizes for the best image in each category.

And the winners are…

1- Michael Tolbert (This photo also won Best in Show. Way to go Michael!)
2- Anne Almand
3- Jenn Drozd
HM- Krystina Simms
HM- Anne Almand


“Three”: 1st place photo by Michael Tolbert


1- Kristen Sheetz
2- Marjorie Sliker
3- Krystina Simms


Pineapple: 1st place photo by Kristin Sheetz


Stop Action
1- Emily Blank
2- Marjorie Sliker
3- Jenn Drozd


Stop Action: 1st place photo by Emily Blank


1- Marjorie Sliker (This photo also won the Best Photojournalism award. Yay Marjorie!)
2- Kristin Sheetz
3- Krystina Simms


People: 1st place photo by Marjorie Sliker


Jeff also gave an award for the photo that took the most patience. It went to Krystina Simms.


The image that took the most patience, to wait as the meter timer turned to the correct number for the theme “3.” Photo by Krystina Simms


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