Social Media Manager job opening (St. Louis)

I love the job requirements.

Full details at

Elasticity is hiring a social media manager or whatever title you want to dream up for the job (Pork Sommelier), so please, send a raven and let’s connect.  We can’t look at another resume that touts community growth of their last job’s Facebook community as their sole lot in life.

This position will manage social media monitoring and engagement for clients across various verticals, support strategic social media marketing plans, do a lot of one-armed pushups, and execute online initiatives while strengthening and maintaining client relationships – all while hula hooping and maintaining an above .500 winning percentage in ping pong.


  • Passion for all things social media including engaging and fostering relationships through content. Must have a drive to stay current on the latest social media technologies and innovations.
  • Proven account management and community management experience, preferably within an agency setting with a demonstrated ability to manage concurrent projects.
  • Strong writing acumen is essential.
  • Deep understanding of social media analytics.
  • Experience placing, managing and optimizing paid media in social media.
  • Personality and opinions of your own.
  • A creative outlet beyond work that helps you balance but brings a unique addition to our eclectic team.

About mcgillmedia

I take pictures and teach other people how to do it, too.
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