SC student media needs you

South Carolina’s media outlets are always looking for help.

The Daily Gamecock newspaper needs workers in newspaper production, reporting, writing, editing, layout, photography, design, website management, public relations and advertising.

Contact their office for meeting times.


Garnet & Black magazine needs workers in magazine production, writing, photography, editing, layout, design, blogging, website management, creative expression & public affairs.

G&B Interest meetings
Tues 9/10, 8 p.m., RH 305
Wed  9/11, 7 p.m., RH 205
or contact their office

WUSC radio 90.5FM needs workers in broadcast media, radio production, announcing, music reviewing, promotions, website management and public affairs.

WUSC Interest meetings
Thu 9/5, 7 p.m., RH 315
Mon 9/9, 7 p.m., RH 305
Thu 9/10, 7 p.m., RH 305
or contact their office


SGTV needs workers in video production, video editing, distribution and website management.

Contact their office for meeting times.



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I take pictures and teach other people how to do it, too.
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