Indie Grits documentary film lineup

For those particularly interested in documentary films, I dug through the schedule at the great Columbia film festival to find the best options. General admission is $10 unless otherwise indicated. It’s a good idea to buy tickets online to guarantee a seat.

Work, Play, Incarcerate: Images from the Palmetto State
Thu 4/18 5:30 Nickelodeon Theatre Free
Select footage from the archives of the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Research Collections.

Family Portrait
Thu 4/18 8 pm Tapp’s Art Center
Block of experimental short films around the theme of family.

We Cause Scenes
Fri 4/19 3:30 pm; Sun 4/21 8 pm Nickelodeon Theatre
Most highly promoted film of the festival, this feature-length documentary is about a new improv art movement.

Student Shorts
Fri 4/19 6 pm Tapp’s Art Center
95 minutes of short films by students.

Pride & Joy
Fri 4/19 6 pm Nickelodeon Theatre
1-hr documentary about food culture in the South.

Documentary Shorts
Sat 4/20 3 pm Tapp’s Art Center
Block of short documentaries by various artists. 90 minutes.

Southern Abroad
Sat 4/20 8 pm Tapp’s Art Center
Short films with the theme of southerners’ overseas adventures. 88 min.

• Winners will be shown again on Sunday. Stay tuned!


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