Best of Photojournalism TV Contest completed at U. of South Carolina

I’m going to get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve barely slept for days because judges have been working almost around the clock since they arrived to town on Thursday. They finished the last category at 1am this morning. See the TV Photography winners or the TV News Editing Winners.

After a bit of sleep, judges spent most of today with U. of South Carolina NPPA students answering questions, sharing video techniques and even throwing together a mini workshop. I heard Mike Schuh’s “very broadcast” voice down the hallway, and looked up to see him carrying a mic and dragging  four students, two cameras and fellow judge Matthew Apthorp in search of the optimal interview location. In the end about 12 people squeezed around the J-school’s gear closet for a nice backdrop. (Hope to have that footage edited and posted soon. Go Ali!)

Now I’m looking back over some of the wining entries and trying to improve my craft. Here are some highlights.

The Polevaulter by Jon Kasbe of UNC-Chapel Hill won Sports Feature, Second Place. (You can see the judges’ comments on the link.) This piece sparked an after-hours discussion about storytelling for broadcast vs storytelling for multimedia. The judges helped me understand why I need to learn the “basics” (their term for traditional broadcast guidelines,) before I go on to break those rules with  my own style. For every strong package like The Polevaulter, there were a dozen that looked like cheap wannabes trying to be cool. Instead, I saw them break down hours of video that had strong content, strong shots and strong editing. The good stuff holds up no matter what style or format you’re delivering for.


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