Small strobe demonstration in class

My photo classes have been learning to use their hot-shoe strobes this week. We’re working to know how the light changes in different ways when we adjust various camera settings. Here are some examples. All photos © Denise McGill

Photo A: The background of this photo is a little underexposed and yellow because of the fluorescent light. On-camera strobe from 3 feet away correctly exposes Blake’s face.
ISO: 400   Aperture: F5.0    Shutter: 1/60    Flash Comp.: 0

Photo B: In this image there is less ambient light because I lowered the ISO and used a faster shutter speed. Blake's face is still exposed well because the Flash Compensation is the same as the top photo. ISO: 200 Aperture: 5 Shutter: 1/160 Flash Comp.: 0

Photo C: The camera settings are the same, the distance to the subject is the same, but Denishia's face is underexposed. It's important to pump a little extra light (increase Flash Compensation) on dark skin tones. ISO: 200 Aperture: F5.0 Shutter: 1/160 Flash Comp.: 0

Photo D: This image has the same settings as the photos above, but the strobe was aimed at the white wall on the photographer's right. The flash imitates window light and gives a soft light to Samantha and the background. ISO: 250 Aperture: F5.0 Shutter: 1/160 Flash Comp.: 0


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