Part-time Web Designer Internship in Columbia

Carolina’s Community Internship Program (CIP) helps connect students and employers. Students who register for JobMate get access to a variety of opportunities here in South Carolina.

Clarke & Company.  Clarke & Company is local to Columbia and has been working with the Community Internship Program for several years.  Their simple mission, “Empower our clients to go above the rest so they can achieve success within their business,” is lived out daily, not only for clients but for those who work in the company as well.  If you are interested in this position, visit JobMate today to apply!  See below for a description.
Clarke and Company Benefits

Internship Position: Web Designer

Hours per week: 10-15

Amount of Salary: $8.50/hr

Employment Start Date: ASAP

Job Description: Looking for a web designer who is familiar in the WordPress environment and also has videography experience. We currently have a web page build in WordPress, but need to duplicate the site for another branch of our business. We also need some videography work to be done to enhance our current website. We are willing to work around school schedules.


This internship is part of the USC Career Center’s Community Internship Program (CIP). Students MUST have a full access JobMate account and must be verified by the Career Center as being CIP eligible before they can be hired. For information on how to obtain a full access account and how to become CIP eligible see

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