USC students sweep state photo competition

Congratulations to the students at University of South Carolina, who swept the SCNPA awards yesterday!

Way to go Aaron and Sarah, two great students and loyal members of NPPA and our student NPPA Chapter. It really does make a difference to get involved and surround yourself with great images and great people. Their hard work is paying off.

Congrats also to the professional winners. SC Photographer of the Year is C. Aluka Berry, staff photographer at The State newspaper here in Columbia. Berry will speak to our NPPA students on campus on March 15. Come out to hear him!

[Update 2/23/11]
I just heard from Heidi Heilbrunn, President of SCNPA and coordinator of the awards. She passed on some of the judges’ overall comments about the student entries. Take these concepts to heart for next year.

 – many of the photographs had loose composition
– they students were not making a strong visual point (make sure that you shoot using a thought process)
– watch composition (make sure not to chop off limbs at an awkward place)
-make sure to include captions. not all of the students had captions.
-take responsibility for the entire frame (from the edges in and from infinity forward)
-attempt difference angles
-make sure (especially with sports) that your backgrounds are clean


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