Travel Log: Turkey

I’m on assignment in Turkey and Greece. For the first leg, I’m traveling with students and faculty of Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I used to teach. See their blog for the the trip at

For me, it gives me a chance to revisit places that have changed my understanding of the Order of the World, with friends who are experts on the subject. The past and present of this part of the globe fascinate me. I was here 2 years ago and helped write and shoot a cover story for Christianity Today magazine that ran in January 2008 (see the related stories and slideshow.)

Now I’m continuing a project on sacred places. Creatively, I’m entranced by the light, the symbols, the crowds, the ornate and austere. Cultures collide in a visual feast. First stop is Istanbul, one of my favorite cities. I was dubious when a friend invited me on a sightseeing tour–of the new shopping mall. It turns out Canyon Mall has won internaltional design awards, and has become a showcase for Turkey’s argument that it belongs in the European Union. I couldn’t afford a thing in the shops, but the trip was well worth it.

A new mall for Istanbul's elite.

A new mall for Istanbul's elite.


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2 Responses to Travel Log: Turkey

  1. slamdunk says:

    Souns like a wonderful opportunity–I like Istanbul as well.

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