Artistic music video is a fun experiment

I had a lot of fun this week on a video project that was completely new to me. My colleague Keith Kenney and I collaborated with Sonia Jacobsen from the USC School of Music. She directs the World Symphonic Jazz Orchestra here, and she asked us to create a slide show to go with one of their pieces.

I love their music, which comes from all over the world. Keith and his wife Susanna Melo contributed photos they had taken in Japan and Morocco. I filmed some local video first of coy fish, and then I played with the concept of fish and water.

I edited the video this week. The first two days were fun, and a good refresher course in Final Cut Pro. The last three days were a refresher course in how LONG it takes to produce video packages. But I was excited about the results I was getting.

The piece was performed last night at USC School of Music. Sonus Dulcis, written by Adrian Pertout, has many hints of Japan and Latin America. The collaboration went well, so more performances are to come.


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