Travel Photography: Equipment

Travel Photography (part 2 of 4)

Think carefully about the equipment you take. Here’s a checklist to start out.
• Camera/ Camcorder
• Film/memory card/tape
• Batteries
• Charger
• Backup system (computer, hard drive, or other device)
• Instruction manual
• Tripod
• Lighting gear

Equipment Tips
A. Practice with all your equipment BEFORE you go.
B. Consider size, expense, and quality. Remember YOU are responsible for carrying it and keeping it safe throughout the journey.
C.  If this is a real assignment, take the tools needed to do the job.
D. Memory cards—take enough for the whole trip, or use a back-up system so you can erase images and reuse cards.
E. Check your image file size settings on your camera. Remember that lots of small photos/files fit on your memory card, but they can only be used for the web. If you want to print images, you need to use a larger file size, and plan to use more memory.

Purpose                        Minimum File Size
Web or Computer         400 x 600 pixels
4 x 6 inch print            800 x 1200 pixels
11 x 14 inch print        2200 x 2800 pixels

As I’ve said in previous posts, planning will help considerably. What kinds of photos will you take on your trip? Be sure you know how to get those sorts of photos with your camera. You should know your camera well enough for the following tasks:
•  Change the file size.
•  Turn your flash off and on.
•  Take a photo of your friend in front of the Eiffel Tower at night.
•  Know the ideal settings in a church, mosque or museum.
•  Know the ideal settings for a portrait.


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