Multimedia Slideshows

Today my class is diving into their final project, photo and audio slide shows.

Here is a sampling of slide shows made by professionals.

“Playing Italy’s Finest Violins” by David Yoder for the New York Times. This project is unusual because it has no narrative, only natural sound. I like to see a project in context. In this case, it ran on the web with a story by Ian Fisher, still photos and location map.

“Train Jumping” by Gary Coronado of the Palm Beach Post follows migrant workers as they make a perilous journey to the US. Text by Christine Evans, posted online with a map and a still photograph. I’m a huge fan of Gary’s work. Last year he came and spoke to my classes about this very project.

Both these project use some verison of SoundSlides software to hold them together. Train jumping is long enough that it’s broken into several sections from 1 to 5 minutes long. Brian Storm of MediaStorm might get people to watch a project for 7 minutes or longer, but most videos won’t hold a viewers attention for more than 90 seconds or so. Sad, but that’s about the attention span of the average American now.


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