Lighting Group Portraits

We had a guest speaker in class last week. The State’s Tim Dominick was kind enough to come give the students a lighting demonstration. The students ate it up. He showed them simple lighting gear designed to be highly portable, quick to set up and rearrange on location. We’ve been working with strobes for a few weeks now, and I think the class got a lot out of seeing someone else use them in real situations.

The class quickly became the subject of several group portraits made in the Journalism School lobby. Then as Dominick was looking for a new setting, Dean Charles Bierbauer walked by. Dominick quickly roped him into posing for a photo with the students. While they entertained the dean, Dominick ran in and outside the office, getting strobes in place to shoot through the J-school office glass. The students got a look at how to think quickly on their feet.

Here’s the best of the bunch. Not bad for a 3-minute portrait.

Dominick works with Canon cameras, Canon 580 Speedlights on stands, and trips them with Pocket Wizards radio remotes. He also uses Nikon SB-80 strobes on stands when he needs more light.


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One Response to Lighting Group Portraits

  1. agirs says:

    Shooting throught the glass on this photo was a great idea.

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