Priceless Souls Photo Exhibit

I’ve just been invited to show my work in a new exhibit. I’m very excited!
I need to edit my images down quickly to start making prints right away. I’ve posted them to Flickr to get feedback. Normally I’m very private about editing my photos (just nervous, not trying to be secretive.) But I’m trying hard to open up and share as much with the online community as others have shared with me. It’s a great new experiment.

Some of these images need toning, so don’t hold that against me.

The theme of the exhibit is “Priceless Souls”.  They are looking for images that represent human dignity in contrast to the global maladies of our time. They don’t seem too concerned that every photo is happy, but the images should fit together as a cohesive group, and viewers should have a somewhat hopeful outlook when they walk away. I think.

Feedback would mean a lot to me. You can make your comments right in Flickr.

Beach Baptism, Bahamas


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I take pictures and teach other people how to do it, too.
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